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Gold Cup IML in Forex is a product from IM mastery academy made as an app and scanner where you combine two different IML academy strategies in trading Forex:

  • TeaCup
  • Gold Rush

The Gold Cup scanner does 99% of work for you and you do the rest 1%.

Gold Cup IML TeaCup and GoldRush

What is Gold Cup IML in Forex

Gold Cup IML is another strategy IM mastery academy has to offer to their members. It is divided into two trading strategies where one is for Forex, called TeaCup, and the second strategy is for Gold called, Gold Rush.

Gold Cup product is an online trading platform where you as a member use trading ideas you get from a scanner.

TeaCup and GoldRush scanner monitors gold currency(XAUUSD) and other Forex currencies and when there is a trading idea you get notification.

When you check the trading idea you get from the GoldCup scanner you can decide if you will use that trading idea or not.

If you decide to follow trading ideas you get from the Gold Cup scanner you need only to put trading levels into your trading platform. Gold Cup IML platform is not a trading platform so do not expect to trade there.

For trading you need to have Forex trading platform and you need a Forex broker who will give you access to the Forex market and to trade gold and other Forex currency pairs.

A trading platform is really easy to use and simplified for any type of trader. If you are a pure beginner in trading Forex then you will have an easy way to understand and to use Gold Cup IML products.

IML Gold Cup Price

Current price of a IML Gold Cup in Forex is $22.95 per month. You can add this strategy later on when you sign up as a customer or you can purchase it at the beginning.

You can find more information about Gold Cup strategy on official IM mastery academy website .

Gold Cup IML Login

You can access the Gold Cup login page through IM.Center dashboard where you have access to all IML academies and strategies.

Use your login details you have defined during the sign up process and login into IM Center.

From the IM Center dashboard you have a direct link to Gold Cup IML.

Direct link to access the Gold Cup is here.

Gold Cup IML Login

How do You Use the Gold Cup IML

When you login into IML Gold Cup platform you will have a choice which strategy you want to use.

If you decide to use the Tea Cup strategy click on it and you will have a new window open.

On your left side you will have a green area where you can change time frames and below that you will have trading pairs.

Next to each trading pair if there is trading idea available you will have a gold teacup that will indicate you have trading ideas available.

If you click on that pair you will have in the middle of your screen pair you have selected.

In the image below I have pointed out a few key points you need to know when you open Tea Cup strategy.

How to use Gold Cup IML

On the chart you will see a gold teacup that will indicate where the trading idea started. It will also show you three important trading levels you need to enter into a trading platform.

On the above menu you can see that there is also blue teacup which means pending teacup. That is a teacup that could happen in the future.

Your job is to wait until the market gives you trading ideas and then you enter trading levels into a trading platform. The trading platform is built to make trading easier.

It gives you trading ideas without you needing to know how to analyze the market.

What you can do to find the best trading ideas is to test trading ideas you get. Follow many trading ideas and see if any pattern appears on certain pairs.

Maybe some pairs have more accurate trading ideas.

If you find such patterns or pairs that have pretty accurate ideas you should stick to it and trade with it. That way you can have profitable trading ideas.

IML Gold Cup Review

Gold Cup scanner or app is a tool that leverages trading in your favor where you do not need to do all the work of scanning the market and looking for trading ideas.

It is a simple tool which you need to use to get results and to decide if it is ok or not. Only because there are different ways to trade Tea Cup and Gold Rush.

If you stick with one strategy using Tea Cup or Gold Rush you can get good results by filtering out the bad trades when you do the backtest.

Many traders have found Gold Cup IML products useful, but only if they stick to it for a long term. In the short term it is hard to find the strategy that will be good for you and you will be satisfied with it.

Gold Cup Alerts

For both strategies, Tea Cup and Gold Rush, you get notification over email or text message. Notification will have trading ideas which you can easily just copy into a trading platform.

Notification message allows you to trade without login into IML Gold Cup platform which makes trading easier.

Having gold cup alerts allows you trade from anywhere. From your mobile phone or from your PC.

Another type of notification is through IML PipTalk platform where you get updates on the trading ideas that are running already. That means you get notified if the trading idea changes due to market change.

You can react on the update and close the trade if the market reverses. Which means you can close your trade if it is profitable so you do not end up losing that trade.

IM Gold Cup App

You can download the IML Gold Cup app from the google store under this link.

The app allows you to receive notifications when trading ideas appear on the Gold Cup platform. That way you can use your mobile phone for receiving trading ideas and to enter those into trading platforms.

Gold Cup IML App

Gold Cup Strategy

The Gold Cup has two strategies you can use and those are TeaCup and Gold Rush. Gold rush is for gold, XAUUSD trading and Tea Cup is for other currency pairs.

Each of those two strategies have their own rules and steps how to trade them. In the following part of this post I will explain what that looks like.

IML Tea Cup Strategy

When you open the Tea Cup strategy on the left side you will have time frames. You need to select which time frame you want to trade.

If you select 1 hour time frame, H1, you will have a chart in the middle of the screen that shows you Tea Cup trading ideas.

On the chart below you have GBPJPY currency pair where you have one trading idea.

What you need to do is to watch three levels you see on the chart:

Entry level is the price where you need to open a trading order. In settings for stop loss and take profit level you need to copy these levels you see on the chart.

Stop loss level is the level where you will close your order with loss. Take profit level is the level where you will close your order with profit.

When the trading idea appears on the chart you get notified over email or text message. That means you do not need to login into the Gold Cup IML platform, but only to read email or text messages and enter trading ideas into trading platforms.

When you see yellow/gold tea cup on the chart, that means you have active TeaCup.

All TeaCup orders will be Sell Limit order which means the order will open in the future. It is a pending order that waits for the price to reach a certain level and then opens in the trading platform.

Have in mind not to open instant or market execution because that is not how Tea Cup strategy works. You need to wait for a precise entry level to enter into the trade.

Gold Cup IML TeaCup pattern 1

IML Gold Rush Strategy

In the Gold Rush strategy you trade gold called the XAUUSD pair.

Trading Gold Rush with Gold Cup IML is similar to Tea Cup because you get notification when there is trading idea available.

On the same link for IML Gold Cup you just switch the window between Tea Cup and Gold Rush.

On the left side of the window you select the time frame which you want to trade.

In the image below I have selected the M30 which is a 30 minutes time frame. That means each candle you see on the chart forms after 30 minutes passes.

If you have 2 candles that means it has passed 2x 30 minutes = 1 hour.

Trading Idea

When there is a trading idea you will see an arrow. Arrow pointing down will mean it is idea to open a sell order. If the arrow points upwards it will mean it is idea to open buy order.

When you get notification you get Stop Loss level and Take profit level which you need to enter into a trading platform.

Entry level is right on the candle after the candle under or above which is the arrow.

If the arrow is pointing down like in the image below you will enter into trade with the sell order right on the next candle after this one. The next candle is a small green candle and that is the price at which you should enter.

It is similar to the Tea Cup because you need only to follow trading ideas. If you do not want to learn how to trade but just to copy trade ideas this is for you.

IML Piptalk

But, if you want to learn more about how to trade then you can join IML Piptalk where you can see comments about trading ideas.

You need to have IML PipTalk because there you get notification if the current trading idea will reverse. If that happens you get notification over PipTalk that you should close the order so you do not lose your profits.

If you do not have PipTalk you will not be notified about reversal which can lead to losing profitable trade.

IML Piptalk is used for communication between educators who trade and share trading ideas. It is also used for sharing updates on trading ideas or for talking one-to-one.

GoldRush pattern


That is all about IML Gold Cup strategy. It is good for you if you want trading ideas where you need only to enter the trading level intro trading platform and that is all.

If you want to learn more about teacup and gold rush strategy you can do that by using IML PipTalk communication channel.

If you are looking for more strategies on IML mastery academy you can read more about Forex trading IML academies and which IML package you can get.

If you are ready to join IML or you want to get more inside information you can join Traders Crunch team by signing up.

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“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This does not cost you anything extra on the usual cost of the product, and may sometimes cost less as I have some affiliate discounts in place I can offer you”

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