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IMarkets Live is education platform where you can learn how to trade on the Forex market. With learning how to trade you can make money by sharing IML academy to others.

In this article I will tell you all you need to know about IML academy also know as IM mastery academy.

What is IML Academy

Forex IM academy, known as IML, imarketslive and IM Mastery Academy,  is an online platform that gives you education about Forex trading and provides you products that can help you in your trading analysis.

IML academy has few platform it uses to give you necessary education and those are:

  1. Forex GoLive IM
  2. IML Harmonic Scanner
  3. Forex Trading education
  4. Library of videos, webinars and articles about trading
  5. Strategies

IML academy’s goal is to teach newbies in Forex trading to become a trader by using the tools they have in their portfolio.

Inside the trading room which is available from Monday to Friday, when the Forex market is open,  you can see how traders that teach open and close their positions.

They offer education by the experts who are in Forex trading for years so they can learn what is important to become a profitable trader.

If you want to learn at your own pace then you can use IML academy training platform called IM Center which consists of coaching videos, webinars, articles which you can read when you are ready or you want to read them again to understand them better.

IML academy does not guarantee any results so do not expect that they will make money for you. They offer education service and it is up to you to use it in your favor.

IML Scanner

Start trading with proper scanner which will detect patterns for you.

One of the most know trading tools IML academy has. In this education part you will see what is IM harmonic scanner.

Check the scanner: IM Harmonics Scanner

IML Academy Strategies

This IML education part will shed some light on the IM mastery academy strategies that are available to trade with. Select one and find your trading style.

Check IML Academy Strategies:

  1. Forex Vibrata Web Analyzer
  2. Forex IML Gold Cup
  3. Delorean
  4. Swipecoin
  5. Hourglass

IM Mastery Academy

IM mastery academy have six academies which you can enroll in.

Four of them are for trading, one is for e-commerce buliding and one is for IML IBO which you can join if you want to promote IM mastery academy.

Here is the list of IM academies:

  1. FRX academy
    1. Foreign Exchange Academy
  2. HFX academy
    1. High Frequency Academy
  3. DCX academy
    1. Digital Currency Academy
  4. Elite academy
    1. Includes FRX + HFX + DCX academy
  5. ECX academy
    1. E-Commerce academy
  6. IBO academy

If you want to learn more about each academy you can do that by reading the article IM mastery academies overview.

Is IM Mastery Academy a Broker

IM mastery academy is not a broker and does not get any commission from a broker you select to use.

IM mastery academy is an education platform where you can learn how to trade by using a trading platform and trading account. They do not handle any Forex trading account and do not make any commission on trading account activity.

Brokers offer you a trading platform and trading account over which you access the Forex market. Brokers need to be registered and regulated to offer you access to the Forex market.

If you want to get a broker then you should check the broker I am using and read articles about how to find a broker, how to download trading platform and how to open a demo account.

When Did IML Academy Start

IML or iMarketsLive was founded in 2013 and is based in New York. It operates in more than 120 countries worldwide and has more than 50 000 members based on the information from Christopher Terry  interview in 2016.

Here are few more dates when each of products have started:

  • May 2016 – IML Harmonic Scanner for Web Browser, no download required to use our scanner online
  • May – June 2016 – FXSignalsLive – adding 4 new traders to our team of experts
  • June 2016- IML University- a complete A-Z Course on trading
  • July – August 2016 – Futures Mirror Trader
  • August – September 2016 – IML Scanner/Robotic Trader
  • September – October – Two New Robotic Scanners/Traders

Is IML Academy Real

Yes, it is.

iMarketsLive is an educational platform where you can learn how to trade and make money by trading. You can also lose money by trading, so it is mandatory to research and learn how to trade.

You can also make money by introducing IML academy to others who will sign up with your code where you will get some earnings from your introduced customers. This way of referring is also know as Affiliate where you use your resources to introduce IML academy to others willing to learn how to trade on the Forex.

Is IML Academy Legit

It is legit and it is registered as a business that complies to certain legal requirements. It is classified as a network marketing company where network marketing and sales directly are monitored by the FTC.

Is IML Academy a Pyramid Scheme

IM Mastery Academy is an MLM company which offers you to make money by introducing others to IML academy. On the other side by promoting IM mastery academy you get paid, but subscribers also get education on how to trade.

It is not pure MLM where you get money only by recruiting, but you also give access to valuable education and material for those who want to learn how to trade on the Forex market. It is not a pyramid scheme.

If you have encounter some company that will pay to recruit someone to buy their membership or a product they would pay you some commission.

In Forex you have membership site where customer can learn from a trader or by using learning material. They pay monthly fee where you get some portion of that fee if you refer that customer. So, it is the same in IML academy compensation plan.

Is IML Academy a Scam?

SCAM companies are those that take your money you have invested. SCAM companies will take your money and never answer to your calls or your request.

IML academy is not such a company and it offers education for a monthly fee. You can also make money by referring others to academy to make money.

You can join imarketslive and test for yourself what you get and if you are unsatisfied you can cancel membership at any time.

Can You Make Money With IML Academy

With IM mastery academy you can make money being IBO who refer customers to IML academy. You need to have at least three customers on Platinum plan to make weekly or monthly income.

Minimum money you can make is $150 per month or $37.50 per week and on top of that you make a bonus for each cunstomer you refer.

Another way to make money is trading Forex by learning how to trade consuming material IML academy offers you in their portfolio.

By trading you do not have any weekly or monthly income, but you define how much you will make per each trade you open.

How Much Does IML Academy Pay

There are different levels you can reach by being IBO with imarketslive and they are explained in compensation plan. Compensation plan lists all possible imarketslive ranks you can reach.

Each IM rank has some requirement how much customers you must bring and how much you will make per week or month.

Is IML Academy Free

No, it is not free.

You have a monthly fee you must pay to be able to consume learning material. There is a way to get on a month for free if you have two active and paid subscribers under you.

It is called 2&FREE where you as a customer can recommend two members and you do not pay your monthly membership.

How Much Does it Cost to Join IML Academy

At the start you can select two ways to join IML academy. You can be an IML representative who introduces their products to new customers or you can start as a customer who will use their products to learn how to trade on the Forex.

If you start as an IBO then you will pay $16.71 and if you start as a customer then you will pay $234.95 when you buy the Platinum package.

How Much is IM Academy Monthly?

Price for IBO is $16.71 per month and for the customer is $174.95 per month.

Sign Up as IM Academy IBO or IM Academy Customer

If you decide to sign up as IML IBO which means Independent Business Owner you will share IM academy products to people who are looking for such products. You can also become a customer with paying monthly $174.95 and be an IBO at the same time.

Find Out more about IBO

When you join IBO team (FREE) you will receive emails with more information about IBO

Click the link below and you will see what you can expect when you signup

If you decide to sign up as a IML CUSTOMER then you can use all products in IML academy. How much products you can use depends on the package you have bought.

There are several IM mastery academies you can select and I have explained them in another post.

Find Out more about IML Customer

Become an IML customer and get all benefits in trading Forex

How Can I Pay IM Academy

You can pay IML academy membership by available payments such as a credit card or even with Bitcoin. Have in mind that a refund on Bitcoin payment cannot be done because of the nature of Bitcoin.

Here is the list of possible payment gateways:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Skrill
  3. MaxiCash
  4. CoinPayments
  5. Cash at a Local Retails Location (South America)
  6. Instant Bank Transfer (South America)
  7. ACH (United States)
  8. SafetyPay Online Payment
  9. SafetyPay Cash Payment

Company offers a seven day money back guarantee for all subscription payments.

How Old Do You Have to be to Join IM Academy?

You need to be adult or at least 18 years old to become IBO of IM mastery academy.

IM Academy Sign Up Process

You can sign up as IML academy IBO or IML academy Customer and for each you have instructions how to sign up.

Here is the link how to sign up as IBO and here is the link how to sign up as a customer.

General sign up process is further in this post that will give you rough overview how sign up proces is done.

You need to click the link below which will take you to sign up page:

  1. Join IM Academy
  2. Select Pack you want to join
    1. IBO
    2. FRX
    3. Elite
    4. HFX
    5. DCX
    6. ECX
IML academy join_package

3. Select additional monthly addons which are listed

IML academy join_addons

4. Payment options

IML academy join_payment

5. And then confirm order

IM Academy Login

If you are a member of IML academy you can login into your account on this link: IML Academy login

How Do I Quit IM Academy

If you want to quit you need to send cancelation request to IML to terminate membership payment and any other cancelation related requests. scanner

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