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IM Center is a place where you as IM mastery academy customer can access to IMarkets live academies to learn trading on the Forex market. You have your own dashboard where all menus are available and where you can update your own profile.

IM Center Login

When you go to IM Center login page you will need to enter login details. Login details are the ones you have selected at the registration phase.

Username will be the one you have selected at the start and which you will use all the time.

When you have entered login details click the “Log In” button.

IM center - login page

IM Center Academy Dashboard

When you login into IM Center academy you will have a dashboard in front of you. It will be on the left side of your screen where you can see all menus available.

On the top left corner you will have your name and place where you can have your image uploaded.

In the middle of your screen you have a menu of selected options where you can see more details.

For example – the current image below shows you the current status of an account. What level you are at which you can increase by reading material IM academy has prepared for you.

You have “My Things to do” which are the steps you should do in order to get a better overview of IM Center.

IM center dashboard

IM Center Profile Settings

Before you move forward with using IM Center I suggest you fill your personal profile with personal data.

Image below shows you how the profile update page looks.

To enter into the profile update page you should click on the top right corner where you have your name visible.

When you click on the drop down menu you will have the menu “Settings” which you should click.

When you click “Settings” you will have a new page in front of you where you can change several settings.

Update Profile Image

Upload your image and fill empty fields with data so you have your profile updated. That way all your members can know you better and they will know who they are talking to when they contact you.

If you click on the image on the left upper corner where your name is, you will have a new page open where you have more options to change.

Here you can see your status about:

  • awards
  • experience points
  • tasks completed
  • total updates

All these information are good to know so you know how you stand on IM academy.

IM center profile settings

When you update your profile image you will have an image visible on the small circle like on the image below.

You can see the TradersCrunch logo below on the image which is set as a profile image.

Below you have more empty fields you can fill up with correct data and I suggest you do that. If you fill all the data you will have 100% profile strength in IM Center like I have.

IM center profile updated

IM Completion Page

When you finish with a profile update you can move forward and see what else menus you have in the IM center dashboard.

One of the main menus is COMPLETIONS where you can track your progress. It is a progress with different levels.

If you are a customer and you have enrolled in one of the IM academies then you will have your current score.

If you pass all the steps you have in your IM mastery academy you will have 100% score.

Without going too deep into what you have here in the completion menu I suggest you research it for yourself. You will find a lot of useful information.

IM center completion page 50%

IM Academies

Second menu in the IM center which is really important is “ACADEMIES” where you have a list of all IM academies you have enrolled in.

When you click on one of them you will be redirected to that IM academy. Inside you will have all that that academy offers you so you can start at the beginning to learn how to trade.

If you are IML IBO then you can read more information about the IBO package which can help you introduce IML more easily to potential customers.

IM center academies

IM Center Strategies

Another IM Center menu which is really important is one called “STRATEGIES” where you have a list of all strategies connected to academies.

What is important to know about academies is that each academy has some strategy you can use. If the academy does not have any strategy then you will not have any listed under “strategies“.

Below is an image where you can see what that looks like when you enter into this menu.

If you do not have one of the academies active they will not be colored. Those that you have access to are colored so you can easily distinguish which one you can access.

When you click on any of the academies you will have strategy listed below. As you change academy the available strategy will show.

When you click on any strategy, on the bottom right corner you will have more details about that strategy.

In Forex you have Vibrata IML Web Analyzer strategy that gives you a lot of different stragies to trade. You have IML Gold Cup strategy that uses TeaCup and GoldRush scanner to give you trading ideas. You have Delorean strategy that gives you trading ideas based on certain rules.

For Binary options you have Hourglass trading platform where you can use few strategies for fast and slow pace trading.

If you want to watch someone in live then you can use the GoLive IM platform where you can see educators trading live. You will have a weekly schedule when educators are available so you can plan to join the live session.

IM center academies available

IM Help Center

IM help center is one of the pages to visit for sure because you have a lot of useful information there. You can find a lot of frequently asked questions so be sure you will find some of the answers if not all of them.


IM center is a place to go each time you want to start your education on Forex trading. You have a lot of useful material that will explain to you what to and where to look for.

You have a lot of questions covered already so feel free to check it before sending any question to the support center.

If you are not already a IML member I suggest you sign up and start learning how to trade on the Forex market.

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“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. This does not cost you anything extra on the usual cost of the product, and may sometimes cost less as I have some affiliate discounts in place I can offer you”

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